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Panther Glass & Upholstery is owned and operated by Clayton Foster. Clayton has been working with upholstery since his highschool years. His first car, a 1970 Mercury Cougar, was where the vision started. A young guy with not nearly enough pocket change to afford a new custom interior couldn't see why he wouldn't be able to do the work himself. And so it began...

Years later, Clayton has amassed over 27 years of experience in the Glass & Upholstery Industries. Clayton enjoys the challenge of custom workmanship that comes from the customers' vision and his experience and skills; the result: A Great Finish! Panther Glass & Upholstery began as a home based business and has since grown into one of the busiest shops in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Jessie Paloposki is an interior designer with heart. Creative designs with flair is what she enjoys doing, taking one concept while making a few key changes, giving a spectacular result.

Together this team is about creativity and detail workmanship. They get as excited as you do about the finished product.







Unit 3 • 30856 Peardonville Road • Abbotsford, BC • V2T 6J9 • Canada • 604.859.2983